Incomplete Room Vacuuming

I already submitted log ID 333910 with this info, but thought I’d post here in case anybody has a work-around or something.

My issue is that despite my robot successfully mapping my floor, and being able to navigate to specifically clean the Entryway, when I ask it to clean the Living Room AND Entryway, or the whole house, then the robot just skips the Living Room and Entryway nearly completely.

I saw two possibly-related posts. One might have been WiFi related rather than strictly mapping: Vacuum mapping incomplete
The other didn’t have enough detail to really say if it was the same issue or not: Incomplete cleaning of mapped room

I’ve attached maps showing the results of whole-house, just entryway, and just living room cleaning tasks. Note how the tiny sliver on the top of the Living Room area gets cleaned, and if only the entry way is selected, it does get cleaned. However, in all cases, the area on the right side of the Living Room is skipped for unknown reasons.

IMO, the no go zone is dividing the livingroom into two sections and the vacuum doesn’t like that.

Try dividing the dining room and living room at a lower location like how my red arrow is laid.

I have had some times where it has successfully completed the full area, so I don’t think there’s a fundamental issue with my setup that the current algorithm can’t handle, but rather some variability in how it makes decisions that must occasionally mean it misses some “hard” rooms.

I would try drawing the border below the island…