Robot vacuum missing a room

Robot vacuum has been missing a room the last 2-3 cleanings. I have to manually have it go to that room when it is finished with the others.

The only no-go zone is in a different room.

Here is the map of the latest cleaning:

Again, if I tell the robot vac to go to that room it does fine so it knows the room is there.

Assuming you talking top middle, but looks like it missed another space to lower right? What firmware is this?

It might be interesting to put the base station in that room, and see what happens overall. BTW, where is your base station? I don’t see the icon for it.

The open space to the right is the stairs to the basement.

Here is a map showing the location of the charger.

Apparently the charger does not show up on the cleaning records.

Firmware 1.6.113
App version 2.20.142

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Sharon just finished and skipped that room again.

This is after i told Sharon to clean the room she forgot.

Map has been deleted and a quick mapping was done followed by a full cleaning. That room was ignored again. Sharon never had an issue going into that room before. Nothing in the room has changed.

Hmm. Sharon decided to go in that room tonight. I cleared the map once again, did a quick map, then a full cleaning.

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