Robot vacuum schedule mapping issues

After running my vacuum for several weeks on only one scheduled map for the week I’ve finally decided to break it up and add another schedule. So, on Mon, We’d and Thurs. I have it set to run all rooms that are mapped and Tues and Thurs it’s set to run only a few rooms.
No matter what I’ve done it will no longer run the vacuum in all the rooms. Every day of the week it only runs in the few rooms I have scheduled for Tuesday and Thurs.
Any suggestions I’d appreciate it.

I think I may have just solved this. When setting up the schedule there was an option for “whole house” so I went with that. Just now I went back in to room selection in that scheduled event and found nothing highlighted. So I selected each room and added those to the schedule.
My guess is this fixed it but I won’t truly know until Wednesday.

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