Vacuum Not Following Schedule

Is anyone else finding that the vacuum doesn’t clean according to its schedule. I have it scheduled to clean the whole first floor (four rooms) every day. Twice this week it’s cleaned half of room four and then quit saying it was compete. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
From the history it seems to have gotten its map out of whack. Is this how it fails?

The scheduling system is buggy. I noticed two things after creating schedules for cleaning in different rooms on different nights:

  • When you select the disable slider - it does NOT honor them - it keeps cleaning as if the items was still valid.
  • When you delete a scheduled cleaning - it does NOT really delete it - it keeps cleaning as if the item was never deleted.

I have the slider disabled and room 4 removed:

And it still cleaned Room 4 this morning.

We named our vacuum, Rosie (from Jetsons), and like Rosie, she seem to have her own attitude. At least the end result is a cleaner house. :wink: