Vacuum great, software not so much - questions

I love the vacuum itself, but software seems to be in beta.

Need the ability to edit rooms as the default mapping is error prone. Todays open floor plans cause half of a house to be categorized as a room so that scheduling specific rooms is problematic.

Appreciate that the vacuum wants to finish the job if it has to recharge midway, but this creates issues as the app does not seem to be able to intercede. How do I cancel a job if it has not been able to complete it without recharging? I do not see a way to do so. I send it to vacuum the kitchen after dinner but it can not just vacuum the kitchen it has to do 3 other rooms as it maps them as one room. Then it runs low on power, goes to recharge and starts back up at 11 pm to finish the job. Need to be able to edit rooms and cut short jobs while still letting it recharge.

As others have mentioned, different orientations of virtual walls would be a nice to have.

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I agree that there should be an option to cancel the job if you don’t want it to start vacuuming again later after recharging especially if it’s already late at night. You should submit it to the wishlist. I changed the category to “ask the community” since you might get more responses that in the “share tips and tricks” category.

I agree there are a lot of issues with my robot vacuum as well.

Hi @ericspicts and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
Check the Wyze app, new version were released this past weekend.

There was a new F/W released for the vacuum and hour ago 01/18/2021: