Wyze robot vacuum map editing feature request

Option to delete a virtual wall and a no-zone area without having to remap

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Welcome aeronca. You should be able to delete a virtual wall or no-go zone by tapping the trash can icon for the item you wish to delete. Edit the map via the same way you added your wall or zone, tap the item you wish to edit, then tap the trash can icon. If you can’t get to the point where you can edit these items, please state your app version and vacuum firmware version or post some screenshots of your map.


Thank you
It worked for no-go zone but I see no trash can for virtual wall

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I’m not sure because I can’t see your map, but it sounds like you created a virtual wall by splitting a large area. To remove the virtual wall (Split) in this case, edit the map > tap/select the 2 rooms/areas (or more) that are divided by a dashed line (virtual wall) > tap the Merge button. That will effectively remove the virtual wall creating one room/area.

Everything you told me worked.
Thank you!

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Glad to be of help! :+1: