Vacuum 200S Firmware 1.6.130

My vacuum had been working fine without issue. Then within the last week… when I open up the vacuum device in the iOS app… the map is now just a partial of the room where the charger is. In the floor settings…the whole house map is still there. When I push the cleaning button… the map goes to the correct whole house map, but the vacuum wanders around, and I’m not able to choose a specific room or area to clean. When I cancel and it starts to head back for charging… it again acts really strange and wanders. Does finally make it home.

Without the ability to pick a room on the map to clean… the machine is not usable.

What’s going on ??? any suggestions?

Vacuum is 200S
Firmware is 1.6.130
App is 2.32.0

Have you moved any furniture around recently, or is there a bin or box sitting on the ground near it? To you it may look like nothing, but the vacuum sees stuff very low and to it the floor plan could look completely diffrent.

Sounds like a it created a new map, because it was unable to locate where it is. To reset the map and create a new one, hit “Reset Maps” in settings and then use Quick Mapping to create a new one.

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You could also try to power the Vacuum off by holding the power button until it says off. Then after about 15 to 30 seconds power it back on and let it sync with your router again.

I did thins on an occasion and it seemed to fix a similar issue.

but @IEatBeans is correct. If items have been moved or are in its way, it could get a little confused determining where it is at in the house. A quick remap of the house may correct it.

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I have this same issue and firmware version. I tried following the troubleshoot guide, and powered off, factory reset, and signed out of the app, and I can see 2 stable releases of firmware that are more recent published, but the vac also says it’s up to date. Seem to be stuck here.

The update has been paused for quite some time as there was a major issue during the update process. New vacuums come with it preinstalled so it’s not an issue, but older ones need to be updated. Wyze is trying to get the fix out ASAP, but for now there’s nothing you can do.