V4 smart focus doesn't work

Is the Smart Focus supposed to work on every V4 cam? It’s never worked on mine so I was curious.

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As far as I know it should. It’s working on mine. Did you by any chance accidentally switched it off?

Make sure you have the little green box.


My smart focus works, You do know it only works if it is on and watching the camera in LIve View correct?


Go to Wyze app Home > Account > App Settings > Enable Hardware Decoder. Toggle the setting the opposite of your current setting.


Good information.

Bookmarked for when my first v4 arrives next week.



Update: the issue was my phone. Apparently it doesn’t work on Galaxy S9’s but it does work on a newer phone and tablet that I have. Never would’ve considered that it was my phone that was the issue until I checked the other devices.

I couldn’t even turn it on. It was always greyed out so I thought maybe it was a feature that hadn’t been rolled out to me yet.

Nope. It was that my phone was too old, a Galaxy S9. I checked a 2023 model phone & tablet that I have and it worked on those.

Cam v4 smart focus is working fine on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android 10 with Hardware Decoder toggled off.