Get rid of smart focus

I did not realize that smart focus was enabled on my new v4 camera and let me tell you it is horrible a d not of any benefit. I would just scrap it

Also this tag limitation is annoying!


Welcome @antoniuk , can you provide a bit more info? What tag were you looking for?

I use this feature on some of my cameras and not on others, I personally would not want to see it scrapped. However, you can turn it off and it will remain off.

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Hi. I am actually liking the Smart Focus on the Wyze Cam v4 and how it can be toggled on and off. I would like to suggest if it can be added to the rules set where it can be enabled or disabled when setting Home or Away Mode on the Wyze App.

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For some reason the Smart Focus feature isn’t working on my V4. It was working fine, but now when I tap on it the small window doesn’t appear. I just updated my Android app today, but it was happening prior to updating the app. I also rebooted & reset the camera.
Anybody else have this happen?

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I am checking mine now. It needs to be triggered by something for it to kick in. Once a person comes into view, I will see if it works.

Will report back with my findings

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