Get rid of smart focus

I did not realize that smart focus was enabled on my new v4 camera and let me tell you it is horrible a d not of any benefit. I would just scrap it

Also this tag limitation is annoying!


Welcome @antoniuk , can you provide a bit more info? What tag were you looking for?

I use this feature on some of my cameras and not on others, I personally would not want to see it scrapped. However, you can turn it off and it will remain off.


Hi. I am actually liking the Smart Focus on the Wyze Cam v4 and how it can be toggled on and off. I would like to suggest if it can be added to the rules set where it can be enabled or disabled when setting Home or Away Mode on the Wyze App.

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For some reason the Smart Focus feature isn’t working on my V4. It was working fine, but now when I tap on it the small window doesn’t appear. I just updated my Android app today, but it was happening prior to updating the app. I also rebooted & reset the camera.
Anybody else have this happen?

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I am checking mine now. It needs to be triggered by something for it to kick in. Once a person comes into view, I will see if it works.

Will report back with my findings

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I just set up my new Wyze cam V4 and was trying the smart focus feature. I set my camera up with the view I needed, but when I turned on smart focus, it altered the view so much that I couldn’t see the key points I want to see. Is this normal?

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Can’t you just turn it off? I believe others like it.

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I actually kinda dig it, now that I’ve gotten it to work, as I described in another topic:

I don’t know if it’s “normal”, but I think I might understand what you mean. When I left the frame but still had Smart Focus enabled on my Cam v4, it seemed to remain zoomed into the last place where I was walking. I don’t know if this is another glitch with this feature (it is labeled “BETA”, after all) or if it remained focused in that area because of ongoing movement (it’s looking out through a window, and it’s windy here, so tree limbs move around quite a bit), but I agree that just turning it off seems to be the reasonable thing to do.

It’d be good to know if this is actually the expected behavior or if Smart Focus is supposed to “time out” at some point and reset back to the un-zoomed view once motion in the zoomed portion has subsided, which I think would be a reasonable thing to want.

In any case, welcome to the Forum, @giddyupvj!

Just got my v4 today. I turned off smart focus to align the view of my cam. I would imagine focus mode is on when you select the explicit v4? And not during recording?

If you’re asking about Smart Focus, then my understanding is that the answer is “yes”:

The FAQ section of the Cam v4 product page says this:

What’s new with Wyze Cam v4?

…with Smart Focus on the Live stream, you can catch important details in motion while still viewing the bigger picture.

So, yeah, it appears that it’s designed to work only with the live view. Still pretty cool, though, in my limited experience.

:pencil2: Edit: I think you may have changed some wording in your previous post. For Smart Focus to be ON, you have to tap that control below the live view pane so that the little inset box turns green.

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It is a cute toy but I doubt I will use it much.