Smart Focus on V4

I’m at a loss trying to determine how to use “smart focus” on my new V4 camera. Can anyone explain how to turn this on, turn it off and how to use this feature. I haven’t found anything useful about this on the web.

To Turn it on or off, you tap on the smart focus option. If the little box is green, it is on, otherwise it is off. Here is an image of mine, which is on.

Here is how I use it. The distance from the front of the house to the street is a little far. So when the camera sees motion, it will zoom in on it while still showing the entire view in the little window. The smart focus will then follow the motion until it stops or gets beyond the range it can track. Nice feature to use, but I don’t use it on all of my V4 cameras.


This will look like a “picture in picture” while this is working tracking something in frame.


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Thanks guys, Can I assume the smart focus only works on LIVE action and not when replaying events ?

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Correct, I have only seen it working on live streaming


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Thanks again. Seems like it would be great if smart focus worked on events too. Am I wrong ?

Looks like you may want to vote on this wishlist to support it!

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I agree and voted….tlhutch4