V4-must pay monthly for 'motion'!

Just got the new V4 camera. It only shows snapshots, not motion. I am told that I’d have to have a monthly subscription to get motion with this camera model. I have 6 other Wyze cameras and they have motion. Nowhere that I have see that you have to pay a monthly subscription for motion with this camera. It’s going back. What a very bad switch in your original corporate ideas…and seems not notice that I have seen has been given. I even watched the roll-out video they presented. Disappointed.

You absolutely do not need a subscription for real time live motion for any Wye camera. The only thing that does require a subscription is for cloud based recorded events. If you put a uSD card into the camera you can get locally stored recorded video without a subscription - either continuous recordings (recommended in my opinion) or just events.

Now what has changed is that with the older cameras, you can get CamPlus lite with a price as low as free to get 12 second cloud based events. However the newer camera models since a couple years ago no longer have the CamPlus lite available. In the way back, all the early camera models did get 12 second cloud based event recordings for free, but as the user base grew, that became non-financially viable for Wyze - cloud storage is not free and with millions (or maybe now billions) or video clips every day, we’re talking real money… The solution was to eliminate the 12 second video recordings for all cameras, BUT they came up with the CamPlus lite option for the cameras that has previously had free 12 second cloud event recordings so that existing customers did not lose a feature that they already had - but they did have to subscribe to CamPlus lite and could specify a price as low as free. The camera models introduced after that date a few years ago do not have the option for CamPlus lite.


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Here is the link to more info on Cam Plus Lite and a list of older compatible cameras.

I wonder if there’d be a way to emulate what cam plus lite does locally. Not the cloud storage (obviously), but the actual video notifications. When you get a notification, and click to view it, the wyze app could fetch that segment of video from your sd card and play it back for you without you having to scrub thru video to find that specific event. Just a thought.

That’s exactly what the “Playback” button does.

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Yes, but you still have to manually scrub back to the event in question. What if i want to see an event from hours ago? My idea would have the app automatically find that event and pull it up for you

But, with a SD card, you have to retrieve the card from the camera, put it in a PC, to review the footage. That does not make sense for security cameras. From what I was told by Wyze tech, you do need a subscription to get motion if you have a V4 camera. You only get Motion with the older camera models, which they said, were not in production anymore.

To reduce cloud storage cost, why not just reduce the days they keep the clips? From 14 days to 7. Every day, I delete all the clips. Makes no sense to now have to pay for Motion with the new V4 camera and not mentioning it in their ordering site. I’ve got 6 other Wyze cameras and did not expect this change with the V4.

Where did you get that Idea? I have some old version one WCO cams, V3 cams, a V3 Pro cam and a V4. All cams have SD cards and all the videos recorded to the SD cards are viewable via the WYZE app.

This is false. It goes directly to the SD card footage depicted in the (cloud) event; no scrubbing needed. You have to familiarize yourself with the app.

I have 6 older style Wyze cameras. All give me the 12 sec. clips, though one has Cam Plus. I bought the V4. I expected it to provide Motion clips as the other cameras do. But it only showed single images. I called Wyze support. I was told the V4 chip will not provide Motion clips unless I purchase the Cam Plus for that particular camera. They said it will retain Motion clips to the SD card, but I’d have to bring the SD card to the computer to view the clips. This silly for a ‘security camera’. That’s what they told me.

(9:46:08 AM) Mary D.: I checked here and it looks like you have signed up for Cam Plus Lite which is a legacy service. Sadly, this subscription does not support newer Wyze Cam models due to hardware issues.
(10:10:44 AM) Mary D.: Sadly, no the Wyze Cam OG is not compatible with Cam Plus Lite as well.
(10:28:21 AM) Mary D.: The reason for this change is that many users have requested a way to get Event notifications without having to have their videos stored on the cloud, and those who do like our cloud storage don’t find it useful enough in its current form. From now on, we want cloud recordings to be coupled with Person Detection to make them more useful. Only cameras opted into Cam Plus will have Event video recordings saved to the cloud.

Are you saying I can view the clips from the app if the clips have been stored on the SD card?

The first thing you have to do is get a good quality SD card. On the app set the camera to either Continuous recording or Events Only. That is in advanced settings, record to the micro SD card. I used a 256GB high endurance card because the cam is on continuous recording 24/7.
If all you get is a thumbnail photo on the events page tap it then tap playback from the app. Or open the cam to live view, it should show your event photo, tap SD card.

Continuous playback:

That support person needs to be educated - they are COMPLETELY wrong.

As far as the need to manually scrub the uSD card video, that is also wrong. Two ways. First of all entirely on the camera via the app, then via the cloud. On the new cameras that use the new User Interface, if you are recording continuously, there will be an icon at each event on the timeline so yes, you at least sort of need to scrub through the timeline - although you are only needing to look for the event icons, not examining the video. If you are recording events only, you can just push the left or right arrow to move to the next or previous event. On the other hand, if you use the events tab to see the cloud events, the Playback icon will take you to the uSD card at the time of the event.

Its a ripoff thats why…