V4 camera infrared

The V4 infrared outdoor is worse than the V3 that I replaced. Whereas the V3 was crisp, the V4 is faded and especially noticeable at longer range. Is this a deficiency of the V4 or is there a setting that improves resolution. Would love a boost in contrast.

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I noticed that too. Not happy with the V4 at all at this point. Terrible low light, resolution from the V3-pro I replaced is not noticable due to the V4 being fuzzy, the V3-pro was amazingly clear. And, other questionable things just make this camera a no go for me. Hopefully Wyze will make a V4 pro soon.

Do you have any comparison photos you can post? The v3 did have a near and far set of IR illuminators so that may play a part in the IR projected distance.

No. I deleted all old V3 photos. No reason to keep them. Set up a support log with Wyze. I’m thinking there is a flaw in infrared on the V4. Infrared is very important. Will wait until Wyze responds and if no solution, return to V3

Bob Baillie

Make sure there is nothing in the foreground that is causing any flash back of it to the camera causing the background to be underexposed. How about just a photo of the v4 at night with night vision and ir lights enabled to show the community? If you are returning to the v3, you could post a new photo then if what that looks like.

A support ticket? Or an app log?

It has a clear unobstructed view of the exterior of my home. No trees. No bushes nearby. I’ll reconnect the V3 and take side by side photos, V3 and V4

Bob Baillie