Wyze Cam v4 IR Lights

Just posted this on Reddit, but posting here too for more feedback:

Just received my v4 today and so far it’s working well, but I noticed one quirk with it. Are we not allowed to choose between the “near” (invisible) or “far” (visible) IR lights like on the v3?

I bought this to upgrade my v3 and use indoors as a baby crib camera and just realized that there are 4 visible red IR lights at night. You can shut them off completely, but the night vision doesn’t work at all without any IR light.

This may be a showstopper for some people looking for indoor cameras if you’re not able to switch between the 850nm and 940nm IR wavelengths anymore. Personally, I may have to switch back to the v3 since the v4’s visible IR lights are distracting when it’s dark. Thoughts?


Good catch. I would be interested as well.

I bought several v4 cams, but maintain v3 cams in places where IR is required and visible IR LEDs is an issue. Cam v4 has four 850 nm IR LEDs, no 940 nm LEDs.

Wyze Cam v4 | 2.5K HDR, Indoor/Outdoor, Wired Security Camera | Wyze – Wyze Labs, Inc.


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Thanks for this, that’s unfortunate though. I may have to do the same even though I like the other features and resolution of the V4. MIght also play around with a 940nm IR illuminator to see how that helps with rooms where the IR light is needed, but where I don’t want the visible camera IR lights on.


Instead of purchasing 3rd party IR illuminators, I just repurpose Cam v3 cams for the standalone 940 nm IR and repurpose old Cam v2 cams for 850 nm IR. I turn off all the cloud, detection and notification features on the repurposed cams so they are just IR illuminators. They work well with the added benefit of eliminating the unwanted interior dust and exterior bug, rain, snow, etc. motion detection triggering on the active IR-disabled recording cams. The IR on/off functionality for my exterior repurposed cams is tied to sunset/sunrise in Rules/Schedules. The interior repurposed cams are tied to available light (set Night Vision Conditions to Dusk).

That’s a great idea actually! I may try that!

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