Wyze Cam v3 Pro missing IR settings

I just bought a new Wyze Cam V3 Pro and it does not have the same IR settings as the older V3. Is this a bug or a downgrade? I am trying to set the IR to the “near” mode so that the red lights do not show, but these options don’t seem to exist on the V3 Pro.

The V3 Pro only has the one option, On or Off.

It does not have the dual band LED IR Emitters like the V3 does (940 nm and 850 nm) for Near and Far (2 will show in Near, 4 will show in Far).

Instead, it has four 850 nm IR LEDs.


So you’re saying the new Pro version has less features then the older/stadnard V3? That sounds like a downgrade. I need IR without the visible red lights. If it’s not possible then I may need to return this camera.

I wouldn’t qualify it as a downgrade. The V3 has visible IR LED emitters in both Near and Far mode if you look at it.

The V3 cam adds the 940nm for the Far range, but these are farther from the visible range. Most IR cameras use 850nm because the cameras are more sensitive to the 850nm than to the 940nm IR LEDs. Wyze made the decision to use what is most effective on the cam image sensor.

If the visibility of two additional red dots on the face is a deal breaker, Wyze has a great return policy.