Replaced a V3-Pro with a V4

Hi all,

I wanted to review the new V4 camera after my first 24 hours of use. So far I have to say I’m not as impressed as I’d hoped to be.

  • The V4 is not as good a night shots
  • The view seems a little less wide.
  • The better resolution is barely noticable.
  • The connectivity seems a little less capable.

I replaced a V3-pro that was sitting inside one of the V3 window holders, and it worked which seemed awesome. However, for the V3-pro as it kept the camera up close to the window and remove any ambient light behind the camera. On the V4 the lense bubbles out a bit which keeps it from sitting right up against the glass. This also causes the Infrared light to be unusable on the V4 and allows some focus issues around the edges of the picture.

I installed the camera late in the day, so I got a view of how good it would be at night. As night came up, the night ability is flat out terrible. The V3-Pro had clear and good color at night with or without the IR light. The V4, I can use the light due to the shape of the front of the camera, and with it off there is almost no video at all. The V3-pro was awesome at this.

The connectivity I get 3 bars, where on the V3-pro I’d get a fully solid signal. Not bad in my situation, but I could see that being a problem for others.

There is some good though, the camera is fast, and the new recording style showing past activity on the main camera view in the app seems very nice. Not sure why Wyze doesn’t extend the app features across all cameras.

I purchased 3, but may send a couple back. The main reason for these purchases really didn’t do much for me in my situation. I hope Wyze considers a V4-Pro sometime in the future with a flat face and highly improved night/low light abilities.