V3 Stuck in Continuous Recording

Stuck in continuous recording mode. No events. Won’t record a time lapse. I have reset the device. I even tried “Forget” and started over.

What do you mean stuck in “continuous” mode? You can disable continuous recording to the SD card in the came advanced settings, but that won’t affect your ability to do anything else.

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In addition to @IEatBeans question above asking for more details, when you toggle the SD Card Recording settings from Continuous to Motion Events, you wont see any “Event” indicators on the timeline. All you will see is breaks in the coloring on the timeline indicating time periods the cam didn’t record. If you have your cam sensitivity high, you may be still recording and saving every little motion. This may also appear as though it is recording continuously. What is your sensitivity setting?

If there isn’t sufficient disk space on the SD Card for the time lapse to save, it won’t complete. What size SD Card are you using? How much free space is available?

Have you formatted the card in the cam prior to starting the Timelapse to make sure it has enough space? This will delete the recorded history, but it will also give you a fresh start to do some testing.