Continuous recording not working

I had someone try to break into my car. The events caught the 12 second clip but when I was referring to the video with the police, I realized that my continuous recording was not recording. It is set to, but it currently is not. It worked previously, but apparently not for a long period of time. I am running app version 2.5.45 on my iPhone X using iOS 13 for a Wyze cam running v4.9.4.169. I have restarted the camera, reformatted the sd card (32g) and cleared the cache. Still nothing. What else can I do?

Are you looking at the right place in the app? Continuous recordings are saved in a different spot than the event recordings. With Events, you hit “Events” on the main screen, at the bottom menu. For continuous recording, you first select the camera you want to look at, then you click “View Playback.”

If you’ve already formatted the SD card, you’re not going to see the breakin clip anymore unfortunately. But if it’s continuously recording now, you should see the most recent clips.

If that’s not working, you should probably contact support.

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Thanks for your response and questions. Yes, of course I’m looking in the right place. I went to view playback and nothing was recording. I stated that I saw the clip in events to illustrate that there was something recording, just not continuously. I also know that it would have deleted any video on the card by reformatting but there was nothing on there anyway, so it really didn’t effect the situation after the fact. I was pretty much trying anything I could at that point.

Okay, cool. The app isn’t always entirely intuitive, so I just wanted to make sure.

Out of curiosity, have you tried popping the Micro-SD card into a different reader? I’m curious if your computer would show it as being empty, for example.

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No, I didn’t try a different computer. Wish I would have thought about that prior to reformatting. It’s still not showing any continuous recording right now, so I can check it tonight when I get home and see.

Yeah. I’m curious if it’s something with the app, or even with the reader on the camera, or if it’s actually not recording anything to the card itself. It’ll help you give more information to support anyway.

Right! It’s worth a shot. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I was getting the same issue with one of my cams. It would show the SD installed and would even format it, but it would not record continuously. I also had a 32GB card installed. I corrected my issue by formatting the SD card on my pc instead of the cam. After that it worked fine.

IOS I’ve had a lot of trouble with the timeline, in playback mode, not correctly showing whether there was a recording or not. I can click and see something, even when it says there isn’t anything. And, it says something is there and it isn’t. I assume you went to the playback, found the time from the clip and there was nothing, correct?

I am having a similar issue with one cam out of 2. Nothing got recording and pressing on playback gets me a static distorted noise, although I am shown that there is nothing in the timeline.
The card capacity shows available 0.5G/0.5G.
Formating the card in the camera fixes the issue for a little while (maybe minutes), but then the defective state returns. I was suspecting that the camera or card may have gotten cooked, since it is exposed to sunlight (in a case) and I suppose it gets hot.
I will try formating it in a computer and report back.

Bonus question - Does anyone know of any way to get to the files on the SD card via WiFi?