V3 sends hourly reports I don' want or need

How do I just get alerts of actual events? 3 cameras are each sending motion alerts every hour at the same time from a locked condo.

What is triggering the event? Although I normally hate the damn thing, you can turn on the stupid green box to see what the trigger was.

Nothing. Lately, EVERY hour I get an alert on 3 cameras in 3 separate positions in a closed up condo. I have 5 BLINKS on my home. Easy as pie. These things just keep going off for no reason. Their support is disgusting and nonexistent.

Cuckoo clock?

And yes, Wyze support is not exactly the best :slight_smile:

In the app click on Account > Notifications and modify settings.

Got that right. Can’t get a straight answer. How haed is this to solve?


As I said in my first post, what is triggering the event? A lighting change, or a sound event, or something else? You said hourly, is it exactly hourly and if so, at what time?

3 events in 3 different rooms all at the same moment. Sometimes every hour for days…then nothing for a day. I am constantly trying to find a way make it stop. There is no “control panel.” I have used Blink before. Wish I did here.

There are NO triggers.

How about detection sensitivity level? Have you tried lowering in increments to a minimum usable level?

That is my last resort…which will happen tomorrow. How low? I,ve had Blinks for years and any detection level below 4 is near useless. 6 is ideal. I am at 5 w/ Wyze.

Yes there is. It is a motion event, a sound event, or something else?
Since it is three cameras in three rooms at the same time, my current guess is a sound event - but that is an educated guess. Hence my earlier query of a cuckoo clock.

Most of my cams are outside. I have only 1 for Cam Protect and a couple in areas of the basement in case of a break-in thru storm door. Prefer privacy upstairs. Inside detection levels are in the 15 - 25 range and captures all my detection needs. But I agree with @K6CCC that it is likely a sound event that’s the trigger.

Thank you for the information!