V3 required power cycling

Hopefully this was a one time recurrence.
V3 w/Samsung EVO 32GB outside about 15 feet up on the side of my house in northeast Mississippi, temps about high 30’s to 50 F.
Had just successfully downloaded a timelapse of ~500Mb. Went to live view, camera reported offline.
Tried powercycling via app - no go, offline warning to reboot power
Cleared cache, tried power again, - no go
finally went up accessed the camera physically unplugged let sit for a count of 20, plugged back in - no go
plugged/unplugged let sit for about a minute - no go
Tried plug one more time, walked away for a while - maybe 5 minutes, finally was able to turn on.
Cam seems to be working since.
Anyone else with similar problem? Never had a V2 or Pan act like that.

I am guessing that Wyze is experiencing server problems. There have been similar posts about different devices starting 3 days ago. Several about WCO. My sensors had connectivity issues.

Wyze is not officially responding.

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