V3 problem - Mesh

I had 5 V2 cam’s that I replaced them all with new V3 cam’s.

My network is a Netgear nighthawk mesh wifi6 system, with 2 bases connected with wire between them.

V2 was working perfectly with the same network, the new V3 have 2 main problems:

  1. The connection is worse even though one of the cam’s is 1 meter from the main base.

  2. no notification at all (one of the cam’s have plus subscription and not working too= 0 notifications), sometime when i make restart of the cam, i get the last few notifications.

I am almost sure it’s a mesh problem, I saw others complain about mesh things too, but since V2 was ok, this looks like firmware thing that can be fix it and it’s not hardware issues.

i will try investegate the tip from:

my network SSID name is something like this: name-name (maybe the hyphen makes wyze get crazy?)

many thanks in advance to all.

All 28 of my Wyze cameras (2 Pans, 8 V3, 18 V2) connect to an SSID called: HofW_IoT-2G
So I don’t think that that the hyphen is an issue.
Until a few months ago, I was running a WiFi mesh network from Open-Mesh, but that was replaced a few months ago with Meraki Enterprise equipment.

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I think I was using a period, but I didn’t even realize it because the period didn’t show up anywhere other than the mesh app. When I changed it the problem stopped. Even though a hyphen is allowed I would at least try it without it.
To be clear you mean you aren’t getting push notifications or you mean the events are not showing up within the app?

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no push + no events
if i manually restart my camera, it start work (push+events) for short time then after few hours again, no push or events.
today i will try install my old camera near the new just to try see if it’s cam version problem (on old cam before didn’t have any problem on same network gear)

I use the TPLink Deco X60 and they are performing well. I had the Deco P7’s before which has had an issue. I could never maintain a constant stream or Alerts with the P7’s.

I have found the following has helped and seemed to have corrected most issues, I still have a couple posted. On my Mesh Network I had to turn off Beamforming. Everytime I turned that on, my Camera’s would start having some issues. In additiont to that, I set the camera’s with High Priority on my Mesh Network, I do have the option to set my network for streaming, but have not tried that yet. I also made sure that the Camera’s IPs were reserved for those cameras. Not that this made a difference, but I was trouble shooting then.

I have also joined the Beta group and testing the latest Firmware and Beta App. I will say that I have noticed marked improvements with the Beta releases as well. But there is a risk to that. But to me the risk is minimal and I always like to know what is coming. Here is the steps if you are interested in doing this:

I think I find the problem.

But first I would like to thank all of the guys that help me and reply - thanks.

What I find is amazing, the same router, same network, exact same location of old cameras, new cameras cannot get good internet, i tried first to take the router with longer cable to be much more closer to the cameras and then i restarted all cameras, from this minute i start get all notifications without any problem. i must say that even when the camera was longer from the router, i was able to see video most of the time, somehow the notification needs a more stable internet i guess.

Now I also understand why the other camera, that is closer to the other mesh router start works well, i took the second mesh router and put it far from the camera that close to first router, so now signal is much stronger from the close router.

so two conclusions:

  1. v3 cameras have much worse WIFI then v2 (70% less in my case).

  2. If you have a mesh router at home, make sure no camera is in between zones, camera can’t decide where to log in.

My observations with 18 V2 cameras and eight V3 cameras is a mixed bag. I have a number of locations where there either is or has been a V2 and a V3 right next to each other. Sometimes it seems that the V3 is better and sometimes the V3 is worse - but not by a lot. With me currently working from home, I move my pickup out of the driveway during the day, and where I normally park it is right at the extreme edge of WiFi coverage. Until recently there was a V2 and a V3 dash-cam, and a V2 driver-cam. The two dash-cams were right next to each other and the driver-cam was about six inches away. Sometimes the V2 would be the only one to connect and sometime the V3 would be the only one to connect. No real rhyme of reason.
As for my WiFi, I am running four Meraki Enterprise access points that normally all have a wired connection. I spent quite a while “tuning” the WiFi for best performance after switching from a different mesh product about six months ago. Yes, I have seen situations where the radios do not connect to the best WiFi radio.

let’s hope one day wyze will give us the option to send the data via the USB, then we can connect to box that send the date via the electricity cable so no need of wifi :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath. I just passed three years since I got my first Wyze cameras. I have been active on this forum ever since that time. During that time, I have formed a couple of opinions about Wyze.

  1. Despite constant requests for PC connectivity, Wyze believes that everyone only uses a phone.
  2. Like a lot of people these days, WiFi is the only connectivity that you will ever need.

Item #1 has sort of been addressed with RTSP, but only partially. RTSP NEEDS to be integrated into the core firmware. Item #2 will cost money, and because the margin is so slim on the Wyze hardware, I don’t expect that they will add hardware cost that most people won’t use.

These are just my opinion.

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