Motion events

So all 6-7 wyzE cameras fail to trigger motion events daily. Sound events record as normal. To be specific I’m not talking about push notifications, but events within the app will not record any motion events untill I reboot the camera. Sometimes it fixes it for close to a day when I reboot. (Fairly certain the sd card is still recording motion)They usually will need to be reset multiple times a day. Sometimes one camera will be fine. others maybe a couple will be fine. It’s very random. I did hook up a mesh around the time this all started but some of the cameras aren’t even hooked up to the mesh. Any ideas of how to troubleshoot the problem would be helpful.

That’s the only part that doesn’t make sense.

Other than that, you might need to provide a unique name for your 2.4 GHz network.

The problem ending up being I named my mesh with a character they don’t usually allow in network names, the cameras automatically deleted the character when connecting so I really didn’t notice it untill I went into the mesh, and saw the character. Why it worked for a while each day then crapped out I don’t know but it fixed it…now if I could only get over this error 6 that plagues every single one of my cameras

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Thank you for the follow up. Still doesn’t exactly make sense to me… :wink:

The only thing I did was delete the period at the end of the mesh name. I didn’t realize it was there but I tried everything and as soon as I deleted it, it went away
, It doesn’t make sense to me either.