V3 pro won’t connect

Anyone know how to use my Wyze account to find when a camera was bought? Don’t have the box or the stand and don’t have the email. It’s not connecting to my Wi-Fi even though the remaining ones still are.

The only way I know of seeing the Activation Date is to use the Device Info page in the Cam Settings on the App. But, you have to be able to get into the cam settings.

I don’t know of anywhere online in your account where it lists all your devices. That would be really nice to have!

Since that date is logged in the server, it might be something Customer Support has access to. Have you tried contacting them?

Also, have you attempted to reinstall it? Don’t delete it from the App. Keep it in your device list. If you factory reset it and then reinstall it and name it the same thing, all your old settings for the cam will be reapplied and all your event videos will still be there.

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