Recently Updated to the V3 Cams

1 of 4 of my new V3 Cam won’t connect. Also, I purchased my yr subscription when I had my old cams, now seems my subscription have not transferred to the V3 Cams I just purchased, Unable to get support.

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Got a few questions as more information is needed to get some more focused help. When you say “wont connect”, what does that mean? Have these new cameras been set up yet? or wont they set up? what error messages do you see, if any?

Regarding the camplus licenses, you have to move them to what ever camera you want them on, they don’t automatically move to a new camera. This is done in the app under Account > Services.

Can you explain the “unable to get support” more? When you say “support”, do you mean Wyze Suppot? If so, how did you try contacting them? Here is the contct info:


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