V3 Pro SD or 2k live stream GLITCH FIX

V3 Pro 2k live stream glitch fix. I discovered that When the livestream is all distorted in SD or 2k I can make it work by. Go to settings. Then go back to the live stream. 2k works then. Something worth noting is that if I leave the livestream in distorted 2k and go to settings. I see that by checking the Wifi signal to the V3 Pro it is empty. But the camera still records events and the livestream can only be viewed in 360p. But when I go back to livestream from settings. The 2k is working fine. Then I checked the Wifi signal to the V3 Pro again. That’s when The signal bars are showing signals. But if I close out said V3 Pro and open the live stream again. Problem in SD and 2k live stream view is all distorted again. This is the exact same symptoms to all 8 of my V3 Pros online. This glitch fix also allows me to go to the timeline and record events in 2k

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