V3 person detection

One of my V3 cameras kept giving me a person notification everytime a car drove by so I tried everything to fix it. And when I deleted cam plus off of the camera and then reassigned it back to the camera and redid my settings everything was fixed. I hope this helps somebody else that maybe having this problem.


I have noticed that submitting the correct feedback helps train the AI. As i have a v3 covering my street I live on and occasionally got false person detection on vehicles . Submitting the feedback correctly definitely helps with this as well

Glad to hear that the AI is detecting well again :slight_smile:

I did that for one month and it would only be the one camera so that’s when I deleted cam plus and reinstalled it…now it’s perfect again.:sunglasses:

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I’ve been submitting the correct feedback to help the AI “learn” for over a year and it’s not learning. Wyze needs to scrape the AI because it just doesn’t work as advertised

Yes it sucks…it’s back to person detection when a car drives by… It’s driving me crazy. I’m gonna switch to ring

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I’m looking into the Eufycam 3. Each camera has solar and it includes a local storage base station.

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I have 13 V3 cameras that are great cams but the (AI ) is not dependable…my 3 ring stick up cameras are spot on …1 is a plug in and 2 are battery and I have no problems what so ever. I won’t leave wyze because their cameras do things rings don’t but when my ring camera notifies me I know somebody’s there it’s never a false notification.

I have since fixed the person detection it was one camera that was giving me a problem out of 13 cameras I reset the camera by pushing the setup button it says ready to connect I reconnected it and everything works perfect it’s been 5 days now …so far everything is good.

I’ve reset all my cameras so many times I can’t keep track and they still end up having issues.

:rofl: :joy:

I know that feeling…

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