V3 person detection not working

Every time a car drives by I get a person detection on one camera only… I have 12 other cameras that were flawlessly. Please help me fix this problem.

Theirs probably something in frame that makes the AI think theirs a person.

The AI doesn’t think the car is a person, the moving vehicle triggers the camera and something in the frame makes the AI think theirs a person

I’d start by blocking off anything that looks like a persons figure, like a tree, mailbox post , bush, slowly and see if that guarantees any success with reducing the false person event notifications

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I’ll try

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I have found that my thumbnail issues have gone away. I am also being notified of events on my V3Pro’s, Doorbell Pro, and V3’s regularly. I am assuming the latest AI updates may have corrected the issues.

However, I did do one additional thing which may have finally resolved the issue I was having:

Started with one camera at a time and made sure it was working, you can try this on the one which you are not being notified on:

  • Turned off all toggles in the Cameras notification area, then turn off main notification toggle
  • Turned off all toggles in the Event Recordings area and then turn off the main Event Recording Toggle
  • Backed out to the main page and went to Account / Services. Removed the camera from services and then backed out to the main page and forced close the app. Or go back to main OS Page and swipe up on the running app to make sure it is closed.


  • Start the App and go to the Services area and add the Camera back to Cam Plus
  • Back out to the main page and live stream the Camera.
  • go tot he Event Recording Settings options and toggle everything off ending with the main Event Recording toggle. This gets turned on when you add it to Cam Plus.
  • Back out to te main live stream and then start the process again:
  • Go to the Event Recordings Page, and turn on Event Recording, and then select the AI options you want. Back out to main Event Recording page and select All Motion Events if you want.
  • Go to Notifications, turn it on and select the desired notificaitons and then back out to the main streaming page.

After doing this on each camera and the VDBPro, I am getting full thumbnails and notifications correct again.

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I’m gonna try it

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