V3 mounting base same as v2?

I have some third party slide-in mounting bases in use with several wyze-cam v2 cameras. Are the base mounting dimensions the same on the new V3 so that I can just pull out the v2’s and slide in the v3’s ??
They are from Amazon " Holicfun Wall Mount for Wyze Cam v2"

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The base of the v3s are a little thicker. You can screw the base directly to the wall without the magnetic mount. You can also use the magnetic mount with the included disc.

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Hello mdmiller1
I have measured the V3. It is about 1/16" taller and 1/16" wider than the V2. there is no difference in the lengths. The actual base of the V3 is about 1/4" smaller in width and length. There may be enough clearance in the V2 supports to accept the V3. I’m sure that soon there will be commercially available slide-in mounting bases.
If you’re into making your own supports check out:
Installing WYZE Cam outside - one approach post 458.
These mounts work very well, but they required the shelter of an overhang.
Victor Maletic.

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Very Helpful ! Thank you for the information.