V3 keeps disconnecting

One of my V3’s has been good, the other disconnects randomly.

-Both on Google nest mesh wifi,
-both at same distance from the routers.

Its funny because in the app the one that keeps disconnecting mentions “gathering video data” when I click on it. The blue light turns red on the front of the camera, and then nothing happens. Only way I can get the camera to work again is to unplug from power and plug back in.

Any ideas??

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whats the environment for the camera like? is the signal good when it finally does connect? it’s possible there is interference at that location as opposed to the other one I guess.

signal is great when it restarts and connects. but here are screen shots of the error.


I have a V 3 that just started doing this. Setting at the same place when I got it. Nothing changed on network and today it started not connecting. Have to unplug it and back in. Have to take the memory card out before plugging in because it won’t find it. Not happy so far.

I am having the same issue with 2 of 4 cameras. I have also submitted logs multiple times without a response. I encourage you to submit logs. I hope a v3 firmware update drops soon. /sigh

Did you notice the blue light turn to red when you select your camera to view? I’m getting that. So weird because that shows me that it isn’t a connectivity issue rather a firmware issue.

I did not notice that. It is up on a window so I just unplugged it and back in. Next time I’ll check the light.

FYI. I can restart the camera during the ‘connection issue.’ In other words, I think the app and camera are connecting and never showing the video feed. During the endless connection stage 3, I can use the gear icon and reset the camera with the button in the app.

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Ok so this works for me too! Hopefully this is fixed with a software update! I can confirm that I can restart camera remotely and then it starts up again

I have the same issue. The camera will not stay connected. It gets up to 3 of 3 and stalls out. If I unplug it and restart it it will work for a little while and then die again. Usually in about 2 hours. I thought at first it was the SD card, then the cables, then maybe just because it was outdoors in 20 degree weather. None of that was the case. It’s just a junk camera or in need of a software update. I put another V3 in the exact same location and it’s been working fine. It’s the camera.


Same issue over here. I have two v3 and 1 would not connect to live stream and stop recording to cloud and sd card all together. Support has not been responsive at all. Can we tag wyze in this?


Hi @a1211 and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t indicate if you submitted the Log Ticket Numbers to an open Support ticket. The logs are not monitored unless brought to the attention of a Wyze Wizard w/an open support case.

For the disconnecting issue suggest to perform a manual flash update to the camera. I’ve had sim pbms where the f/w update didn’t take and reflashing brought it back to life.

I need some help here. The app submission isn’t monitored when it says they will “deal with it as soon as possible” ??

I know you are trying to help. Firmware isn’t available for the v3 on the website. It hasn’t had a firmware update. How would I flash it? Is the firmware available somewhere else?
No Wyze v3 firmware

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My bad, there will be a new version soon, still in testing.
In the mean time please open a ticket and submit the log numbers to get some help on this trouble. You should have received an eMail w/log number and following message.

Please note that this email address is not monitored. If you currently have an open ticket with a Wyze Wizard, please reply back to that ticket with this ticket number 66763. This will help us get your log to the right place.

Don’t have a ticket open with us? Please reach out to our support team by visiting https://support.wyzecam.com and clicking the Support button on the bottom right. You’ll be able to browse our support content, and reach out to our Wizards team directly for additional help.

Thank you for being a part of Wyze.

The Wyze Team

Can you guys just ship us new cameras? I dont have time to deal with a broken camera.

I’m a volunteer and not a Wyze employee. Please open a Service Request with Wyze.
Follow this link to Support Page: (https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us)

Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT | Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

That must be my disconnect. I have not received an email after my many submission of logs through the app. I checked my spam folder and didn’t see it either. Thank you for the info.

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When you open a Support Ticket you’ll get an eMail w/generic respond and you can reply with your ticket Log numbers or better yet, add them in the ticket when you open the Support case. You should also have the Camera Model (V3), it’s firmware version, The App version and phone model it is running on.

Let them know you have another V3 (w/same f/w) and it is running fine.

Dude these guys just won’t respond. Have they responded to any of your requests?

Nope. I filed multiple support ticket no response. I even filed a return ticket and still no response. I may just contact my credit card and filed a report with them.