V3 in Android beta app - no events recording to cloud

One of my V3 cams has no events showing when I select View Playback. The timeline appears, but never turns green. The 64gb SD card is fine and the cam will record to it manually. I have it set for continuous recording.

My other V3s are working properly. Any ideas?

Do not know when you set this camera up, but there have been a lot of problems reported with V3 cameras that were installed after May 27th… Check out some of the other threads on services and see what others are running into.

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I activated this V3 in March of 2022. The only thing that has changed is that it was in use as my front door camera since that date up until last month when I purchased a new V4. Now I use the V4 as my front door camera and moved the V3 to look over my side yard. No idea why it would have stopped recording to the SD card. :confused:

I reformatted the card several times. No change. Interestingly, I started recording manually and then stopped after about 15 seconds. Then I watched as the timeline turned green and stayed green for a few minutes and then the green section stopped a few MINUTES later. Doesn’t make sense to me. Check out the discrepancy in these screenshots…

Hope you find a solution… There always seems to be something !

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