Cam v3 Continuous Event recording not working. Only takes photo. No Event playback. Firmware updated. Group of 4 cams, 3 old ones working correctly, with event playback but new v3 not doing Continuous recording to SD card. Any thoughts?

If you go to the live view of the camera, then click the “playback” button, does the SD card continuous recordings show up that way? Is it only the playback button from your cloud events that doesn’t work?

Yes. It"s recording and playback is possible via Live feed… but you have to manually find / scroll the event incident to see why a notification was triggered.

It’s just the brief Event playback that is NOT working. It just shows a photo, no video of the incident. Thanks

If your having a cloud events length problem, that’s separate than the “playback” button not working from the cloud event.

Don’t think it’s the length issue. The error to use SD given when selecting Playback from Events menu