V3: Getting tired of seeing "Getting video data..." Anyone heard from support? is the version I upgraded to and it finally fixed my issues. I am still currently using the wyze beta app

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where did you get the .228 version? Is that beta ?

Do you know when that version will be available to the rest of us?

I believe you have to be running the WYZE beta app. You can sign up for itin the app or online. Once your app updates to the beta app, the firmware should become available. From what I am understanding. You can also access the beta app from the Google play store, just go to the regular app in the store and scroll down to request the beta app.

iOS users will have to refer to the WYZE website as I only have android experience.

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Beta seems to have fixed it for me as well.

Thank you! Beta fixed mine, too!

The .125 version crashed on me in about an hour. Sad

Awesome! Beta fixed my problems too… .125 couldn’t even recognize the sd card and the .228 version fixed that too!

Just installed .228 on one V3… lets see what happens

Hopefully it works. Make sure you report back here and let us know!

Well, after I installed it, it looks like it simply grabbed a single frame and continues to stream that one frame. The time does not change. If I try to review stuff stored on the SD card, all I get is that one stored frame. Remotely rebooting it from my phone changes nothing. It seems to continue to stream live audio if I turn the sound on.

So, in a nutshell … this updated firmware is a fail for me


So, I went home at lunchtime. Unplugging it and plugging it back in did not change anything. However, a few minutes into playing with things, the WYZE App crashed. When I restarted it, the camera seemed to be working once again.

SO, I dont know if the problem lies in the camera or if it is more of the ongoing App server issue.

I also see the app crash but only on my older Android tablet, not the phone. It sometimes happens when I’m scrolling a camera group displaying several live streams. The V3 livestream goes black then the app crashes.

Also to those who have problems displaying a live stream, try connecting the V3 to the back of a V2. That stabilizes my V3 that has firmware version

I want to downgrade to, which is working fine for me, but I can’t find the download link.

Turns out mine is not working anymore on beta .228. it almost always works fine when the camera is about 10ft from the router. But go through a window or around a corner? Zero bars on the camera.

I’m trying to get the camera replaced. Maybe the antenna is defective.

The V3 that I am testing is about 25 feet from the access point, thru an outside wall. The camera says that it has an all bars connection to the access point and the access point says the same thing about the camera.

It’s been running for about 3-1/2 hours so far since I came back from lunch (on the .228 beta firmware)… crossing my fingers.

It ran overnight and all is still well. If this keeps up I will unbox the rest of them and test them all. I’ll put them up outside next week.

I am wondering why this is still beta software. The released stuff doesn’t work.

Mine has also been working since switching to Beta. I’m surprised that Wyze hasn’t updated the regular firmware yet.

I’m sure that there are still some who are having trouble and they want to make sure the firmware is stable. Not every Android device is the same.

I’m glad to hear that.

My guess is that they will put the update into production after Christmas. They don’t want to put out upgrades to the masses right before a holiday. But they posted a poll in the beta Facebook group asking everyone to vote whether it fixed the 3/3 issue as well as the SD card issue. Almost everyone is saying yes so I assume they will be rolling it out to production soon.

Right, beta testing then onto production. Doesn’t anyone see what’s wrong with this picture?

Wyze never really learns. Does anyone remember the hardware decoder fiasco? Beta testers are power users with the fastest hardware. That hardware environment isn’t a good test bench. Even now, the Wyze app is crashing on my old tablet but not on my faster phone. The V3 livestream I suspect, is causing the crashes.

Confirms what I have been saying, despite denials, Wyze has no software testing in place.

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