V3 camera is buggy, Gets hung on 3 step to view live stream, etc


I have had the new v3 camera for a few days now. Wow is it buggy! It routinely gets hung on the 3rd step connecting to view the live stream. I have to re start the camera. This happens multiple times per day. It has the newest firmware and yes I’m on the newest version of the Wyze app. This morning at 6am on my back patio my Nest camera picked up a cat walking thru. The v3 Wyze camera did not. The v3 is sitting 3ft up off the ground, horizontal and the cat was 4ft in front it. Now at 8am when I viewed all this, the v3 was hung, stuck on connecting at step 3 and it did not record the cat in the Event tab. So I assume like normal the camera was in a hung state for who knows how long.

Also I have noticed the Wyze app on iOS for the past 3 weeks is broken. I get a notification for an event. I tap that notification. Does that take me to that Event? NOooooooooooooooo it takes me to the live feed/stream of that camera. Why??? So I have to tap out, then tap into Events and tap that Event.

I had the wireless camera from Wyze 3 months ago, that was so buggy and junk I sent it back. Now it’s looking like the v3 will go back. I’m a long time use of Wyze camera. I have 6 of the v2, they all work perfect over the years. What is going on with Wyze? I know. Focus on camera and stop making idiotic vacuum cleaners and head phones!

Wyze use to make good cameras. Now they focus on idiotic headsets and vacuum cleaners.

PS: I love the color night mode of the v3. But if I can’t depend on the camera to not be hung/stuck/bricked often… it’s of no use to me. I ordered 2 Blink cameras on Black Friday, I’m going to see how they compare. They have to be better.


V3 has amazing video quality however it is buggy …I too have the same problem, Have both V2 and V3 side by side. V2 works flawlessly however V3 Live Streaming gets stuck on Step 3.

Did all the troubleshooting steps. Restarted the app and camera several times, switched from HD to SD, verified network bandwidth is more than 5mbps… No definate pattern, but starts working and then after a while it will get stuck again at Step 3.


Thanks for the reply. I created a help desk ticket. I included all the details into the ticket and the response I got this morning? The typical useless idiotic canned reply: Re boot your iphone, update your app, blah blah… they person didn’t even read what I had typed in. ugh.

Now on a positive note the last 2 days my v3 is acting better. I have had to crank down the detection setting to 50 from the default of 75 cause it was catching every tiny tiny movement outside. I think I may have to crank it down to 40, it’s catching some leaves and snow falling.


Having the same issue, very annoying. My V2 cams are not having this issue.


And is anyone from Wyze reading this?

Good they have a vacuum cleaner and now a smart watch though. I now see where their resources have been spent.


Bump. Got the V3 yesterday and right out of the box I get the hung up on 3/3 live viewing screen.


Having the same problem but it has only started happening to my V3 the past 2 days. It had been working fine since I installed it on 11/28. I now have to restart the camera 4-5 times or more a day. It works for a little while maybe an hour then right back to not connecting and having to be restarted. After restarting it and keeping it open in the app, every like 5 mins it will reconnect and then after this happens a few times it just displays the error code 20, then I have to restart the camera.

My troubleshooting:

  1. Made sure app is up to date and camera firmware is up to date
  2. Set up camera on (3) different wifi networks (no difference)
  3. Power cycled the camera multiple times (no difference)
  4. Deleted and re-added the camera to the app (no difference)
  5. Tested the camera being in a group vs outside of the group in the app (no difference)

Camera is connected to OEM micro usb cable and plug adapter.


I believe many of us are right there with you with the same problems.

And the bigger bitch here is that you as the customer has already spent how much of your own time troubleshooting something that should never had make it out of beta. It us unacceptable for us to be spending 30 min or 1+ hour troubleshooting Wyze’s bad Developers.


“Getting Video Data…”

I have (2) V3 cameras, but only 1 of them has this getting video data issue. The 2nd one seems to work fine. After trying to mirror ALL the camera settings and services, I still could not get video to load on the 1st.

Then I realized the 1st camera has RULES for person detection. Once I disabled the rules, video started loading again!

If you are stuck at “Getting video data”, disable any rules for your V3.

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Thanks, that did the trick but it’s kind of a disappointment that I have to disable Person Detection for my cam to work properly. Hopefully they will see this and rectify this issue soon. I would like to be able to filter my recordings for person recordings to keep track of my neighbors drug dealing operations.

Hmmm… I have looked twice and the only Rule/Schedule I have on my v3 is I have it set to restart every hour starting at 12:01AM-7am. Which even with that this morning and last morning at 7;10am the camera was hung. I’m contacting Wyze later this morning to return this piece of crap. I have had it with Wyze. Now their V3 is junk and 3 months ago I got their outdoor wifi camera and that was junk too. Though their v2 cameras work fine.

It’s 8;33am and the camera is hung AGAIN!

Yeah I was a little too premature last night. It seemed it was fine for about 3 hours then bang, hung and not recording events all night until I had to restart it this morning.

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Wyze is testing firmware to fix this. I’ve received a couple versions that have been better but not 100%. I got another to test when i get home in a few hours.


Really? Well that is good news. When do you think a general release is due?

New V3 version today.

Still stuck on “Getting video data…” again.

My camera is still giving problems… called ul wyze wmsupport, repeated the same troubleshooting steps… no luck, still getting stuck at getting video. I have hooked up my 2nd V3…so far no issues.
Will contact tomorrow the wyze team to talk to level 2 support or return the faulty camera if I do not get any confirmation on a tentative fix being released.

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Yup, same issue here, but only with 1 of 2 V3 cams, other one works fine. Opened a ticket with Wyze Support at the end of Nov, they started troubleshooting with me and then went silent. Haven’t heard from them since 2020-11-28. Opened another ticket asking for it to be reassigned, also no response there. I suspect there are a lot of people with issues (probably not just the V3s but with all these new products Wyze has released lately), and their support staff just can’t keep up.


Wow! I didn’t know WYZE even started shipping V3s back in September!

GAH, this is what I get for typing quickly on my phone. I meant Nov, not Sept.