V3 focus ring installation - what not to do

  1. Do not unscrew the lens all the way. The threads are very fine pitch. I wanted to remove the glue. My arthritic fingers managed to cross thread the lens going back in. Was able to line everything back up, but my rethreading skills made the lens too difficult to rotate, so the focus ring slipped on the lens instead of rotating it.

  2. There are three rubber plugs sealing the screw holes. These push down inside very easily, making them very difficult to remove. I used a dental pick after the first plug went waaay down in the hole.

  3. there is a red silicone seal that goes around the perimeter of the camera. This is very fragile and can get pinched and torn when going back together.

  4. if doing this on a v3 that has not been added, add the camera first. Scanning the QR code is easier before refocusing the lens.

The business card was about an inch away.


Tom, I am intrigued.

I understand that this is an addition of a manual focus ring to a V3 lens. I didn’t even know they were able to be modified.

But I am curious: Is this intended for macro use only? It does add some image distortion. Any ideas for telephoto?


I installed the focus ring on one of my cameras so that it could be used in a birdhouse. It makes it possible to easily adjust the focus once it is installed in the camera. However, the camera is no longer waterproof.

All good recommendations from the OP. I didn’t have any issues taking the lense on and off but you do need to be careful. I had to do it a couple of times to get as much glue as I could out of the threads.

Also, make sure you remove the SD card before taking apart the camera or it catches when pulling out the body of the camera from the housing.

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[quote=“SlabSlayer, post:2, topic:226054”]. Any ideas for telephoto?

This is not a lens, it is a piece of plastic that sticks out the front of the camera so the lens can be rotated. It is meant to change the focal length for macro viewing.

Just did a quick google search for ‘Wyze v3 telephoto lens’ and got many hits.

Unsure if these fit, but here is a good selection of replacement lenses on Amazon. The camera lens is the same as a Xiaomi and Firefly.

Props to @Victor about the SD card. The cameras I used did not have a SD card installed yet.


Are there any “wide-angle” lens options for V3 (or any of the WYZE cams for that matter)? I need this badly and am surprised WYZE (apparently) doesn’t offer such a lens, either as an add-on or replacement of the stock lens.