Put a WyzeCam in a birdhouse?

I was thinking of hiding a Wyze Cam inside a decorative birdhouse looking out the peep hole. What would be really awesome would be a birdhouse that pans to follow motion.Birdhouse%20with%20CCTV%20peeking%20out

I have a V2 waiting, just need to finish the birdhouse… Hope to get some cool timelapse videos…

All this talk about bird houses got the gears turning. I wanted to put a camera inside a bird house to watch the chicks hatch. Most bird houses have one entrance and exit, so houses like that don’t let enough light in for a color image.
I was at Menards today and found a Scandinavian nesting bird house which is open. Supposed to be for robins, doves, and cardinals. My hack at mounting a WYZE V2 cam involves a zip tie. image image image image
This is mounted under a gazebo so it is well sheltered.


Had a visitor checking out the new digs.


Good job on the camera! I recently installed a Wifi camera in my first Owl House. It’s much larger than the regular bird house (25 inches high). I have a Wyze camera in one room of my house and wondered if this camera would work in my owl house. The camera I went with is a nice little camera, but it doesn’t have a lot of the nice video-saving features like the Wyze. I’ll have to hire a tree man to take the box down to reinstall the Wyze, but it might be worth it for simplicity.


I have them in multiple bluebird boxes as well as on feeders & a birdbath. I loaded the RTSP firmware and stream them live at http://birdcam.online/![IMG_6620|video](upload://sKZhN5lN6vjinzhLbtsujBE7y2K.mp4)


The problem is the infrared lights reflect off of the sides of the hole and cause too much glare at night… So I’ve turned off the infrared lights but have considered painting the inside of the hole flat black. Bottom two holes are actually for birds to use… But they figured out how to get in the back and use the top one too.

Just got an email from Wasserstein asking if I would be interested in a birdhouse/camera

Of course!

what is the best distance from the bottom of the bird house.
I am trying to find the best distance for the best picture, Depending on the bird
they build up the nest and are than closer to the camera, become blurry.
just looking for best distance to use.
I am make some bird house out of pvc pipe and putting wyze can in the top.

I tried it out while I was building my box. I have a dummy bird that I put in. Make sure the box has the right measurements for the birds and then add whatever you need for the cam. You could make a dummy box out of cardboard to find out the best distance.

Bottom two holes are for birds. Top hole is approx 7 ft high

That kind of bird is this for?

The v3 in my bluebird house is approximately 6” from the bottom. It has the focus ring mod so the focus can be adjusted.

Hi Tom - can you share a video or a photo of where the focus ring is on the V3. I watched a few videos last night on YouTube and no one mentions this and I can’t find it. Thank you.

A link that might help

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I would’ve put one inside the nest that a couple of wrens built but there wasn’t enough room. So I placed the cam real close to the entrance so I could record the babies as they grew. A few weeks ago I noticed them gone, so I went back into the footage from the evening before and found a rat snake had gotten in there and ate them all! :pensive:

Dagnabit. How far off the ground is the box?

It wasn’t a box. I have a bookshelf with no backside on my back porch and there was a plastic container (like a really large yogurt one) sitting on the middle shelf. I had a bunch of turmeric roots at the bottom that I was going to plant, but after I saw the nest on top of them I decided to wait till the babies were gone.
I guess that shelf was about 3’ up.
I saw it come from behind. Later I figured it came from a hole in the wall near the floor behind that couch, so blocked the hole.