Owl box camera

Anyone build a birdhouse with a camara in it? I am thinking about building a barred owl box and putting the wyze outdoor camera in it. The box will be about 75’ behind my house

Greenbeard explored the owl theme :slight_smile:


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I think he is looking for a birdhouse:

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Yah, you’re right. :wink:

I just made an Owl box and want to have a camera on the ceiling looking down will it focus close enough?


Nice spot, wish I was there, listening to the squeaks, chitters and chirps. Cool box, too.

I use a Wyse outdoor cam in a Bluebird feeding station in the field that is part of my yard. It’s about 50 feet behind my house (and about 60 feet from the router/WiFi/Base Station). My WiFi signal at the feeding station is several bars, and I have no trouble using the camera to record motion Events with the camera. Given the birds are any where from 1" to 9" from the camera, they are not in focus. Not critical for my use. Putting the OC in an owl box might work if you keep the camera on the outside and make sure the lights can light up the interior. But I would worry the lights would be so bright that they would “wash out” the image (they would not disturb the birds given they are IR lights). Too bad the OC doesn’t have the V3 starlight sensor. Let us know if it works,

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