Has anyone built a Wyze Owl?

I was looking at some “Scarecrow Owls” on Amazon and it occured to me that it looked like I could almost cram a V2 in to the head of a full life sized female decoy (up to 25" long). It seems most of the decoys on Amazon are on the small side, about 16" including stand.

But for $10 I can try and cram one into the belly for an outside V2 :slight_smile:

Has anyone else tried this?


I was trying to come up with something like this the other day, I have a lot of birds pestering my garden so was going to put something out there and thought of relocating the cam I have out there now to in it for better protection.
I have not got any further than thinking about it though.

If you want to ward off birds there are also solar models that the head rotates and it makes noise.

Well temporarily I put a net over the strawberries they keep stealing, it will work for the time being

do it!!! I want to see this

especially if something is gutsy enough to attack it

I was just looking to do the same. use an owl or a hawk but need a thin plastic shell. my colleague suggested with an owl to cut the head and let it swivel with the camera and use the body stationary. this would lessen the additional weight on the camera mechanism. I have not read all the posts yet but if anybody has a recommended bird shell that would work I am looking for a recommendation. a hawk would even be better. the camera is mounted outdoors on a 4x4 post at the crossriads of 2 gardens and my drive which is perfect for a ptz. the darn rabbits and squirrels got it coming… however the dog does not like the birds so I have that hurdle :slight_smile: may need to order a second camera just in case she “catches” the first one LOL

Did it weeks ago.

As noted this was a test case. We’ve gotten about 2.5 to 3 inches of rain and some heavy wind gusts and it’s still out there recording 24/7.
/edit - I considered a rotating head w/ a Pan Cam but that was TOO complicated for a “throw away”.

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