Doves laying Eggs, nest watch!

New Wyze CAM owner here! Noticed a couple of Mourning Doves started to set up a nest last week on my side yard palm tree here in Huntington Beach Ca. Been looking at the Wyze cam for a while now and finally had a reason to buy one and I LOVE IT! Great Price and it really works good.

I ordered a cam and set it up just above the nest. Would love to set it up as webcam, but I know the limits of this camera, atm. I’ll try to keep posting updates throughout the process.


aaaawww…love it!

update! we have babies!

Added it on youtube since the file was too big!

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Good thing that dove decided to build it’s nest under your camera.

I put the camera there when they were building the nest.

Babies update!


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Just a suggestion: why not turn off Motion Tagging to keep it from distracting and make it easier to observe the birds.

Thanks for the nest updates



Im real new the Wyze cams so this is my first go around using them. wasn’t sure to leave it on or off.

This is amazing! Can Wyze share this on social media?

Yes, of course :slight_smile: let me know where you post it, thanks

Birdie update! Baby doves are close to being out of the nest! Mom and dad will be empty nesters!

Day or so the big one will flutter to the ground. I had to build a barricade around my palm trees so that my dogs don’t eat them LOL

The video is right at dawn hence the black and white.

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