V3 Failed to Load Video to the Cloud

My V3 seems to keep failing to load video the cloud, happened numerous times just today where all it showed was a still picture clip on the Events page. I have a rule setup so the camera reboots several times a week, because others here said it helped their camera’s keep a wifi connection. I have strong internet and wifi in my house and easily reaches this outside camera. It’s just annoying when I miss a video recording because of this issue. The camera doesn’t have a memory card in it because if the camera were to get stolen, I’d lose the video anyway and that would be another expense to replace.

Even with my network as reliable as it is, I also occasionally will get a failed or corrupt upload event on cams. It usually shows as a 5m video but then plays nothing. Usually identifiable by a green question mark on the right or a red “live” logo with no time scrubber bar. Rare, but it does happen.

I suspect that with the bazillion bits and bytes flying thru the interwebs, one is going to make a wrong turn in Albuquerque every now and again.

Mine are very rare so very hard to troubleshoot to a cause. If I experience more or realize a pattern, I will push it up the chain with logs and details. But, I haven’t had enough for it to get there yet.

I also have this behaviour occasionally on my v3 cams.
It also shows as 5min video without anything behind.

The Wi-Fi signal is not the strongest where the cameras are but it was sufficient for setup & firmware updates.

My cameras all have a small SD card in them.
It would be nice in this case that the same clip from the SD card is uploaded to the cloud when the first fails.

Whilst the sd card vote is typically difficult to navigate, in these occurrences, you can click “view playback” and it will take you to the correct timestamp in the sd card view.


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