V3 Events viewing software is skipping certain events

Recently I have found that the “events” icon is skipping the 2nd event.

I view my V3 cameras by the following method:
Home screen, Events, Select the top Event,
Then I can scroll through the events by swiping the photo to the left and scrolling to the next stored event, etc…

Lately I find that the 2nd event will show up for half a second then automatically jump to the 3rd event. Scrolling through events works fine after that, but for some reason it has been skipping the 2nd event.

All of the events are stored on the SD cards, so I can view them on the card, but the Events feature seems to be jumping over the 2nd stored event.

Any suggestions?

The event tab clips are your cloud clips, those are not your local storage sd card footage. The sd card footage is access by going to your cameras live view screen then clicking on playback. Cloud storage and local storage are seperate and Independant of eachother.

As for the skipping problem, what app version are you using on what os? Have you restarted your phone recently? does this happen on any other devices with the Wyze app?

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Thank you for your reply.

  • App version: v2.25.22
  • Andriod phone is running Android 11
  • Phone has been restarted
  • Tablet running v2.21.27 does not have this issue