V3 cameras restarts

I’m looking for opinions on whether or not it is a good idea / practice to schedule (by rule) RESTARTS of all V3 cameras daily.

All depends on if you are trying to fix something or you are having issues.

I don’t have any rules to restart the cameras and don’t have issues. If needed, I restart the cameras myself. I do know others have them on a schedule and have not experienced any negative effects from a daily reboot.

I see you are using an iOS device from your profile. Do you have the latest App Version installed? If so, there are reported issues when the Cameras are in groups. Wyze is aware of this issue and working on correcting it. The current recommendation is to remove the cameras from groups for now.

Is there a reason you are looking at restarting the cameras?


Just thought it might be a good idea to restart / refresh them. Thats why I was asking others for their input…Thanks, tlhutch4


I don’t schedule cam restarts because it covers up possible bugs related to time (continuous operation). I want to know about a bug, document it and report it to Wyze, not bury it.

That said, I occasionally do a mass restart of cams when I notice that their internal clocks (time) are out of sync with each other to the point that it bothers me (no OCD here). I created shortcuts that do restarts so I can restart all or a specific group of cams. Restarting is effectively the same as going into a cam’s Advanced Settings and hitting the Sync Time button, but a lot faster when you have 50+ cams.


Thanks Seapup…tlhutch4