Restart all cameras simultaneously

would like to request ability to restart all cameras at once vs. one at a time.

You can create a rule to restart all your cameras, and then when you want to restart all cameras, execute the rule.

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I think I remember @spamoni saying a restart of all cams at once may cause excessive congestion and result in disconnections. Maybe he can chime in.

You can set up rules to restart sequentally.

Of course this is just a suggestion that I thought I heard.

You can restart all at once but all will need to reach out to the Wyze Servers and may cause some slowdowns or issues. A rule would be better, you can pick a few at a time.

However, the question is, why would you need to restart the cameras? Is there an issue being seen?

Note: I have a number of Wyze cameras and doorbells. None of which I restart on a regular basis. Occasionally I will format the SD Card in the cameras, but I don’t restart the cameras unless I am updating the Firmware.