V3 cameras (2) require RESTART every 5-7 days - Camera's freeze

I have two V3’s and three V2 cameras. The V2’s run flawlessly, bu the V3’s both lockup, and require a hard restart. All have the latest firmware.

This situation has been going on for at least two previous firmware update cycles. What ever is happening with these, is NOT being addressed by new firmware updates.

Please Help, as this somewhat makes the V3’s useless for security.


I have not observed that with any of my 11 operational V3 cameras. One suggestion is write a rule that schedules a reboot every day or every few days. I realize that is a work-around, but it may prevent your issue. Schedule the rule to run at some time of the day when the loss of one camera for less than one minute is not going to be an issue. Schedule each camera to reboot at different times.

Hi Bill. Sorry for the trouble. May I ask what error code did you see when the V3 need to be restarted? Are they going offline every 5-7 days?

There’s no error code, just a frozen image. The app tries in vein to connect, but never does, and times out. The ONLY way to fix it is to do a RESTART.

Could you send me a device log after you see this issue again? Is the V3 working properly now? Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion. I found the rule function, and will give it a try. Thanks,

One thing that I have done with all of my cameras is to add a standard mechanical light timer in front of the camera that kills the power once each day. This of course forces a restart of the camera

I have the same (unresolved) issue with V3 cameras. However, the work around I use is to setup a RULE to RESTART the camera every day (that works for me) around 12:10 AM. Ever since, the V3 never froze up again. The only gap in down time is the time it take to restart.

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