Weird v3 issue - if it's below a certain temperature, great, if it's above 65 degrees fahrenheit the camera

As I said: if it’s below a certain temperature, great, if it’s above 65 degrees fahrenheit the camera… This camera was in our sunroom high above our back yard all winter when the temperature was 20 to 40 degrees. Once it gets above 65 degrees the camera seems to freeze up randomly. This is with or without an SD cart inserted. Our other two v3 cameras don’t seem to have this problem. Is there a reset to factory defaults option I can try or the like?

Can you swap a v3 from elsewhere in your house into the sunroom? If you can, this would start the troubleshooting process to see if the freezing is only in the sunroom and if other cameras are affected.

Not a bad idea - I’ve taken the sunroom one out of that room (it’s 75 degrees today so it runs for maybe 10 minutes and freezes). I’m letting it cool to room temperature and will see what I can find out regarding the other two cams. I get the idea it’s this particular camera because the other two were inside the house for the most part and have never had a problem. I love these little things. The one that froze actually captured the northern lights of all things back in March which I have on a youtube video believe it or no. Once this camera has cooled I’ll test it sans SD card to eliminate extra variables to see how it does.

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I have a V3 on the inside of the windshield in my pickup. It gets hot as blazes there and never had the camera freeze.

Also while swapping things around, see if teh problem tracks with the power supply.

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