Camera restart/reset


Can some of you explain the purpose of setting your camera to restart regularly? Also, how does it help and should I do it for good practice?

My sensors stopped connecting today. I restarted my camera remotely (the one with the bridge) and the sensors started working again without issue. Regularly, the playback option causes my camera to hiccup and it restarts. Afterwards it works normal.

Should I set a rule to restart my cams daily? Your tips here would be appreciated.


I restart all my cameras via a rule. I have 2 different rules that run 12 hours apart. Since I have done that my connection issues have disappeared and the two cameras with bridges being rebooted twice a day has cleared up instances where contact sensors or motion sensors were going offline.

I am not sure if I would say this is required but it certainly has made operation smoother for me.


Just like with any technology, a restart helps give it a refresh I like to say. Just like a phone or tablet, if you let it run without restart it starts to slow down. Restart it and it clears the memory and run alot faster.