Since update camera restarts during playback

When selecting a starting playback time it will freeze the image as in the kbps and time will lock for about 10 seconds then prompt to switch to 360 mode then the camera will restart. And it does this on every camera I own which is about 10 of them. I have tried restarting them. restarting the modem. Checked my internet speeds. The only thing that changed was the recent firmware update. Oh and my bridges stopped working. Had to manually unplug them and plug them back in to fix them. I am not going through all of the trouble of going backwards in firmware to get them to work right. Wyze please look into this and do another firmware update. My camera are mounted in some hard to get locations. So firmware update would be preferred. Unless somebody a remote solution im missing. I hate ladders.

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Am I the only one having this issue

You said restarting your modem. Do you use a combination Modern/Router like ISP’s provide or do you have a separate modem and WiFi router? If separate WiFi, try restarting that also. I’ve had the bridge issues but never the cam restart issue.
If you feel up to it you might try a Factory Reset on one and see if it solves the problem.
This is s puzzler!

Yeah a router/modem and using a separate mesh wifi. All of which has been restarted. I was thinking about factory reset. But that seems more like if 1 of the 10 cameras were doing this reseting during playback problem but its all of them. I have no issues with these cameras at all. No sd card problems nothing until this last firmware update. Then all my sensors stop working because my bridges won’t reconnect when the camera resets. And camera resets during playback. And by resets I mean camera starts clicking full restart.