I’m sure that this isn’t a new issue. New firmware updates have rendered cameras almost useless. They are a pan cam and 5 cam v2. They connect and disconnect (show offline) all day long. If have different error codes as well. It is a problem with every camera. Support hasn’t really done much other than give troubleshooting info. None of the the troubleshooting has resolved the problems. The cams that are cam plus will show that video was recorded but when trying to replay I get another error code. The non cam plus cams will record and play back recorded video. I have a hard time believing that this is an equipment issue as wyze leads me to believe. The cameras work sometimes. My parents have the same types of cameras but they’ve not updated the firmware as far as I know and their cams are working fine. Any suggestions?

Something to try…

I have had to unplug the camera’s from power for a short period of time and then plug them in for them to re-establish its connection to the router and Wyze. They started to work after that. This was sometime ago.

I have also found that if the Cache gets messed up, you will have sporadic issues. you can clear the cache from within the Wyze App by going to the Account Menu location, then App Settings, then Clear Cache.

if you have an Android device, you can go a step further:

  1. Long press on the app icon and select App Info
  2. Select Force Stop
  3. Go to Storage and Cache
  4. Click clear Cache

Then start the app again and test out your camera’s. you will need to click on each one to establish the thumbnail images again.

First suggestion:
NEVER update more than 1 cam w/ new firmware until you’ve tested that firmware yourself on one cam.
Second suggestion - rollback the firmware. This will likely require swapping SD cards and reflashing.