Restart the camera

I’m new to all of this and have a very basic question.
When I select “Add/Edit Rules,” one of the check the box entries on the list of actions for the camera is “Restart the camera”. I have selected this along with obvious things like “turn on the camera,” “upload a short video,” etc. Why would I want to or not want to check the box for “Restart the camera”?

Sometimes a camera can become unstable, maybe Live View keeps failing etc. In some cases a restart can be helpful. Especially if that camera has a bridge for Wyze sense attached. If a sensor shows as offline usually the first thing I do is restart the camera with the bridge to try and fix it.

Does not always work but sometimes it’s a good thing!


yes, i have tried to restart a few times, tried unplugging for a minute, i do not have a sense , nothing seems to help. thanks though