Contact Sensors Going Offline

All of my Wyze devices have been working fine until recently. Now all of my door and window sensors go offline and I need to keep rebooting all of my cameras to get them to come back online.

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I’d try and check on the batteries in the contact sensors…many have received dying or dead ones. After which they should come back online without the need to resetting them.


Why do you restart all your cameras? Should only have to focus on the camera with the bridge in it. What kind of cam has the bridge? Check if the bridge is seated correctly and you may need to use a 2a wall adapter for the camera that has the bridge.


@Omgitstony makes a good about using a 2 amp power source for s cam holding s bridge. Also do not daisy chain it from another cam. Pan cams have seemed to had more problems Houston bridges than V2’s.
You mentioned restarting-only the cam with the bridge needs it and it really needs to be power cycled as opposed to restarting thru the app.
Another comment on the batteries- replacing the stock batteries with good name brand is a good idea. Also cleaning the contact points between sensor and battery is good Insurance.