Camera with bridge going offline constantly

I realize the camera is offline when my sensors stop sending notifications. When I look at my cameras I see that my camera that has the bridge sensor that those contacts are routed through is offline. I tap it and it reloads and sends all of the notifications through at once. 15 minutes later, it’s back offline making all of my sensors useless. This is the only camera/bridge sensor I have this issue with. Firmware is up to date, and I have power cycled the camera.

Bumping this, still having the issue- others have got to be experiencing this. Any ideas?

Have you tried moving the camera and bridge to another location for troubleshooting? What kind of camera is the bridge in? Is it a pancam? Have you moved the bridge to a different camera to try it?

Detailed instruction found here …

If the bridge is obscured by objects some/I’ve have used a USB extension from the back of the Cam to the bridge to increase the signal strength to the sensors without having to relocate the cam.

Also, if it’s a Cam Pan when I pan the current drain caused the bridge to go offline …many users have experienced this issues.

If the above still gives you offline statues I’d create a support ticket with Wyze…

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Having the same issue in the last few days as well. Won’t go back online with power recycle, have to do complete delete and new product install.

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So @frob293-39a5x already posted in a duplicate thread … maybe a moderator can merge the threads?
< Wyze cam, Wyze sensor always go to Offline mode - #7 by myswtest >

@mesinger412 … are you using a PanCam?
Or a V2?

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Wyze Cam Pan. It was working fine for long time, but in the last 2 days, it has gone offline twice. I haven’t changed any firmware recently.


Same here. I had to unplug and plug all the cameras twice today. :confused:

Thanks for the suggestions- as Frob said, this for me is new as well. My set up has remained unchanged and only recently started doing this over the past week.

One thing I have done is I have added the camera with the bridge to my Roaming Block List on my mesh router so that the camera does not hunt for an access point. Nonetheless, I do not believe this is the issue.

I will change cameras out here and report back. The tedious thing is I have to reset all of my contact sensors and motion sensors if I change out camera.