Wyze sense causing cameras to go offline

Installed Wyze sense a month ago and ever since, my two cameras alternate going offline almost daily. I unplug the one that is offline and plug it back in, then the next day, the other one goes offline. A few days ago, I uninstalled the sense bridge and the cameras have been perfect ever since.

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Same happens to my V2 camera with the Bridge plugged in. It stops responding to the Wyze app about twice a day. It never went offline like this before, it started when I added the Sense Bridge. It’s not the camera because if I remove the Bridge, it doesn’t happen.

Also, if I take the bridge and plug it into the other camera, then that camera starts doing the behavior, so it definitely has to do with the Bridge.

A power cycle fixes the issue. No idea why.

And I believe the sensors connected to it continue to work, just the camera goes where the Wyze app can’t connect to it.

Thanks for the response. I have tried power cycling and seems to fix the issue for a day and then back to the issue the next.